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Finding a solicitor in Hong Kong can be difficult and often times a private issue. Additionally, most legal issues have strict deadlines with financial penalties assessed if those deadlines are not met. For those reasons, HK-solicitors was created. The goal of this site is to quickly put you in touch with a solicitor who can help you and is near you.

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Privacy is important. All contact information for each solicitor on HK-solicitors.com will directly contact the solicitor. We do not take or route phone calls, e-mail, or other correspondence through us. Your phone calls always go directly to the solicitor's office. We do not take any telephone calls or provide any legal advice or assistance with selection of a solicitor. We respect your privacy, and take seriously the trust you put in us and the solicitors listed here by reaching out to them for answers and help.

Each type of legal field is unique and complex so make sure you find the RIGHT solicitor to help you with your legal needs. We have solicitors specializing in all kinds of areas including immigration, contractual, marriage, property, divorce, wills & probate, and criminal law.

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