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Buying and selling property in Hong Kong is no casual matter. With property prices making Hong Kong the MOST expensive place in the world to live, having a good property solicitor help with the transaction is important.

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Both buyers and sellers need to be careful when doing property transactions in Hong Kong. There have been landmark cases in Hong Kong where the definition of "Saleable area" has been changed.

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Past property cases in Hong Kong

In 1985 the case of Kwok Wah Kit & Others vs Cerrone Company Limited (HCA 2198 of 1988) brought to light the difference in the description of actual "salable area" and the "salable area" of several flats in the sale and purchase agreements where the developer included the flower bed and flower troughs as "saleable area". This resulted in damages being awarded to the purchasers of those flats as it was deemed flower beds and troughs are to be excluded from the "saleable area".

More recently in 2000, the issue of "salable floor area" was addressed in the case of Yili Concepts (HKG) vs Lee Wai Chuen And Another (HCA 12911 of 1997). The definition of "saleable area", as recommended by the Hong Kong Institute of Surveyors, was misinterpreted by the Plaintiff's expert witness and did not include the balcony area as part of the "salable area" thus resulting in a lower measurement of actual size of the property.

Consult with a property solicitor on before signing any contracts to ensure you are not short-changed when buying or selling a property in Hong Kong.

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